So I went to this boutique today

I’ve been in upscale stores before.  The store I now consider my regular store and which I do really love I would have considered upscale years ago.  But then there are other stores, because I live in this area, which are really upscale.

And then there are places like the boutique I was in today which are really, really upscale. When I walked in – which was for something else actually that they had – I knew it was upscale to some degree. There was no doubt that the items I saw as I initially walked in were going to be on the elite side.

I went in and did my business and got what I came for. Actually to be totally honest I got distracted and got something other than what I initially planned but that is another story. Before leaving I decided to check out another level at the boutique. One sees items of apparrel hanging on racks and thinks “Ok some of these pieces look nice” and, like any not every item caught my attention either.

One dress caught my eye and so I went over to admire it. I looked at the price tag and had to not react with shock. The price was extraordinary. Not just what I would expect at a really upscale store. Beyond that. Well beyond.

I noticed that many of the pieces at the boutique, following the trend of the season, use a certain type of distinctive fabric which I will not name. But it is not one of the more standard fabric types that one would normally expect nor associate with ultra-high-end fashion.

So now, here I am at home later in the day, reflecting on the pieces I saw. Its not the pieces I saw that I’m thinking about, its the occasions in which they are worn that I’m thinking about.

These were not party pieces. One would not go out to a nightclub in them. I wonder if one would go to a recital in one? That’s possible, although the time of day and type of recital might have a significant bearing upon the appropriateness of this distinctive attire. Even the type of music might have a bearing.

Beyond a recital at what type of occasion would these garments be worn? They are too high-fashion to be worn by a typical businesswoman. Look at how Hilary Clinton dressed as Secretary of State. I actually thought she had a nice style in her position. That too may be a type of high-fashion but it is different and much more down-to-Earth businesslike. The outfits I saw today would not be worn by an attorney because it would be too distracting for the clients.

One occasion I though of for wearing the apparel I saw would be for being out shopping and buying yet more apparrel. I thought about this and kind of laughed, yet there is also some kind of beauty in the idea that this might be true. There is something I admire about this idea. The idea of something that is worn just as something to be worn which kind of supercedes many of the standard occasions for which most apparrel might be worn.

It is not casual, it is not business. It might not be elegant (in the way that is sufficient for say going to a recital) but it is its own thing and beautiful and sexy in its own way and there’s something inspirational about that.

I could see really loving such items if they were in my wardrobe just because they were beautiful, artistic, exceptionally well-made items the main function of which is that I would enjoy wearing them.

Maybe I’m a total neophyte when it comes to this kind of thing but I’m really enjoying thinking about these outfits I saw today and who the person wearing them would be and what she would be doing. Whoever she is I think I have a lot of admiration for her.

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