Irresponsibility, neglect, and violence

Violence takes different forms. One way that violence is perpetrated is through weakness. Violence is a violation, a forcing. One forces towards object one wants, not heeding concern nor responsibility. One is driven to think that they must attain the object, that they have a right to it regardless of whether in the process of pursuing it damage is inflicted.

Violence is perpetrated through weakness. By weakness I mean a failure of responsibility. The primordial failure of responsibility is responsibility towards oneself. I do not mean vulnerability by weakness. Weakness entails a neglect whereas vulnerability may actually occur through concern and attentiveness.

As a professional masseuse I have encountered violence through weakness. Liposuction is a form of violence through weakness. There are many variations of liposuction at personal, interpersonal, and societal levels. There is liposuction at the sexual level between people when something is forced. Not a violent forcing like rape, but an inner violence that turns into acts through expectation, through a type of demand.

All around me every day I see infantile behavior and those who are weak acting as if they are strong yet whining like little babies as they destroy. I’m not talking about contacts through my profession, but more things like motorists on the roads with their hatred and rage.

Or people who hate the sticker on my bicycle because it evokes thought and challenges war, the war which has been conditioned repeatedly into everyone’s brains, pumped down people’s throats through the propaganda brainwashing machine.

I see the dissonance in their eyes, the cognitive dissonance because of that one thing in the spectrum of their reality which stands out and evokes awareness of something outside of the confines of the established spectrum of “reality”.

I’ve had enough clients that I have a low tolerance for bullshit. In the end I would rather go without food than take bullshit from another who is weak and violent.

Fortunately it is the case that the majority are not like that. I cannot say if it would be better or worse anywhere else in the world. I can easily imagine that it could be the same or possibly worse in other places. Who knows if there will ever be a time when all humans completely wake up. Probably such a time, if it ever arrives, is a very long way off.

No particular incident happned which made me write this, although a few weeks ago I read a negative review that someone wrote about me. My take on it was that this was a weak violent type of person who had a demand and which I recognized as bullshit, therefore his dissing me was a type of retaliation whether conscious or subconscious.

There were clues I got from the person that led me to think they were weak. I have seen some train wrecks of people and was sometimes shocked that they were people who otherwise were “successful” in their lives. It surprised me to think that these people were out there in the world, among people, possibly regarded highly because of the professional standing or whatever, yet personally they could be very fucked.

In the end, I see the same thing here as with everywhere. Feebleness and demands from reality. It seems like the baby-boom generation were the quintessential masters at this, at this form of violence as they became “experts” in so many things even as they fucked the Earth at unprecedented levels and watched it sink into an abyss.

Again, I see the answer as the same: Always, healing the self, tending to the self. Also being attentive to life and not harming life. Because it all connects. Striving to improve oneself, to become a complete master over one’s self. To run, to dance, to do yoga, to meditate. To care about life, about birds, trees, fishes, animals, even flies. To get one’s ass out and sweat. And to sometimes put one’s self in a vulnerable position so that one realizes what is worth fighting for.

I see how it connects, the repression at the personal level, the way the reptilian brain gets favored over the mammalian brain, in the fundamentalisms of whatever flavor they come in, the intolerance and, while the intolerance is there so are the demands and the violences of those who expect and demand without taking responsibility.

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